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video game prey short Gameplay


  • video game prey is another one of those games welcome to tell us one
  • because of
  • the open-ended structure of the game the player can go pretty much
  • anywhere they want on the station but right now our mission is to find a
  • scientist named dr. Calvino some of our aliens turn into things as a
  • means of camouflage attention station leadership has issued an alert all
  • personnel report to muster stations immediately lots of ways to solve
  • problems on Thomas one weapons are one of them but weapons are
  • rare ok so this is one of the most important item in the game is called the
  • new model and this is how the player great himself so here is the RPG lay
  • of the game you could see this map status inventory and these are the list
  • of this is the list of abilities that we have for some of them are human
  • some of them are aliens which you learn by stabbing a needle in your
  • eye this is the glue cannon a tool that has a lot of different uses this is an
  • idiom particles super thermal we recently acquired its using the newer
  • model ok so your  going to use the roster system in order to try and track
  • Calvino down but the door’s locked so we’re going to take this
  • opportunity to demonstrate one of our unique alien abilities called
  • mimic so in the game you can actually learn your powers from the
  • Indians so it’s only fair that you two can turn into a cup the roster system
  • helps players locate anyone aboard tell us one the blue cannon can also
  • be used for traversal that was a phantom one of the other kinds of aliens
  • aboard the station and this is a third way to use the Buchanan so this
  • item is called the recycle charge in the game you can recycle pretty much
  • anything either to hear declared an area or choose a weapon now the
  • recycle elements that come out of it are actually ingredients for
  • fabrication system that was shown on aliens aren’t the only threat
  • aboard mimic can be used also for stealth inventive players will be able
  • to change powers together so right now this player needs to get up onto
  • that elevated platform so they’re going to combine mimic with kinetic
  • blast just contributing ok so this is the fabrication system so here are
  • the ingredients and this is the fabricator so as long as you have
  • fabrication plans you can create any object that is in the game you’re
  • creating an object to fry in zero-g microgravity detected
  • video game prey 2017 is beautiful game to play
  • Buy now this game for xbox one video game prey 

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